Esi Seilern Aspang




From the far North of the Austrian mountains,  life luckily took me to beautiful Spain.

Here, in Madrid, is where I live my passion: photographing the fleeting special moments of life, capturing the perfect imperfections, and documenting the beauty of every day. 

After many years of working as a graphic designer and photographer, becoming a mother of two (soon three) boys has intensified my passion for freezing those tiny extraordinary moments which will be caught and preserved forever.

Portraits, families, kids, babies and newborns are my main focus and it is them who provide me with my daily energy. 

To me every person is special no matter how small. Telling their story is my dedication.

Searching for their soul and finding out who they really are is what inspires me and what makes everyone of my sessions so unique and exciting to me.

You can find me snapping pictures in my in-home studio, or in any of Madrid´s beautiful parks.

I am also more than happy to travel for any other on-location shoots to you, or with you.


I am looking forward to meeting you!  If you need any additional information please don't hesitate to contact me.